Justin Essig

Having lived in many different cities prior, Justin has found his home in Chicago and has lived here for the last 5 years. With a 10-year background and education in corporate sales, service, and operations, he is currently a founding member of Beehyyve, Hanns & Erving, and E.G. Woode, supporting the operations of all three companies. He personally believes that creating opportunities for others to succeed is the best path to personal success. He joined E.G. Woode to follow through on those beliefs and join a collective of independent entrepreneurs working together towards each other’s success and the greater success of the community as a whole.

All of the companies that Justin is currently a part of have a mission, first and foremost, to create positive social change. Beehyyve works to remove barriers for independent, minority architects and designers through the use of technology, support, and opportunities to work on larger, more meaningful projects. Hanns & Erving is building a platform for people to not only earn a living wage while learning skills for future employment, but also earn shares in the company for true, generational wealth building. E.G. Woode provides a way to reduce the cost and risk for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get started and grow their businesses and community. Through these companies, Justin hopes to create opportunities for and to support people who have the desire to create the social change needed in our neighborhoods.

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