Bryan Hudson

Bryan’s family moved to Englewood in the 50’s and he has been a Chicago resident for 49 years. He is a Licensed Architect in Illinois and is the founder and President of Soma Design Consultants as well as a Partner of Beehyyve. He believes that hard work and education pays off and tries to never be a dream killer. He joined E.G. Woode because he wanted to be part of a collective group that would provide a positive presence in the community of minority business owners.

In addition to the design work he does through his own firm and through Beehyyve, Bryan is currently the President for the National Organization of Minority Architects and Chair for the NAACP Chicago Southside ACT-SO committee. Through both positions, he champions diversity and mentoring for black youth. He hopes his business efforts and membership in E.G. Woode will help build a strong foundation for our community business leaders to build from.

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