LISC | CNDA | Outstanding For-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project Award

On June 22, 2023, E.G. Woode received The Outstanding For-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project Award, which recognizes a for-profit developer for a specific real estate project that has contributed significantly to the enhancement of the community. Our project, E.G. Woode – Alpha, was the culmination of years of dedication from multiple stakeholders and supporting organizations. It not only represents the skills and talents of our entrepreneurs, but the results of unwavering support that a community can bring to a development project.

Our Co-founding members, Deon Lucas, accepted the award and reminded us of the importance of entrepreneurship.

“We are often told that our dreams were mere fantasies, overshadowed by a history of inequality. Minority entrepreneurs encounter formidable obstacles, scaling mountains of systemic barriers. E.G. Woode is not here because we played by the rules, but because we defied them.

If we remain bound by the status quo, we overlook remarkable opportunities for growth and impact. Dare to break the rules, invest in entrepreneurs, and support the development of minority communities. By doing so, lives will be uplifted, and an untapped well of talent, creativity, and market potential will be unleashed.

Imagine this: planting seeds of investment in fertile ground, yielding flourishing enterprises. Look at the success stories of countless minority entrepreneurs who have defied the odds, transforming their communities. We find ourselves at a crossroads of change. Together, let’s take immediate action, allocate resources, provide mentorship, and partner with organizations like ours who are dedicated to leveling the playing field.

Embrace the power to rewrite the story, forging a future where no dream goes unrealized. Join us on this transformative journey to construct an equitable and prosperous tomorrow for all. Let us build a society where entrepreneurship is not a luxury or a journey for the select few but a fundamental right for anyone willing to pursue their dreams. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you.”

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