Antoine Butler

Antoine has lived in Englewood his whole life by choice – not income or circumstance.  Having served in a civil capacity in the criminal division of Cook County for 24 years, Antoine has decided to inspire his fellow Englewood residents by becoming an entrepreneur and starting Ellie’s Urban Grill.  He personally believes that your first mentors outside of family are the people you see and interact with daily in your community. Through E.G. Woode, he has found like-minded individuals with the same goal as him – opening a sustainable business and being a full owner of that business.

Seeing “the system” not work for his community, he believes he can be a catalyst for change by showing the children of Englewood and Chicago that anyone can be an entrepreneur and run and own your own business.  Through Ellie’s Urban Grill, he will create a fast casual dining experience where people can not only enjoy food and community events together, but also be inspired to do the same for themselves and their community.

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