Powell’s is a barbershop cooperative and college.

Designed to enhance the economic security and well-being. Not only will professional stylists be able to share in the ownership of Powell’s through a cooperative structure, but customers can also join Powell’s as well.

Powell’s re-imagines the traditional barbershop experience by incorporating design elements into its facility such as a coffee & tea bar and a WIFI lounge for customers to relax while they wait. In addition to an enhanced environment, Powell’s will contribute twenty (20) percent of its profits towards establishing other cooperatives throughout Chicago.

One hundred percent of profits generated from auxiliary services such as the barbershop college, coffee & tea bar will be donated to local grassroots, not-for-profit organizations such as R.A.G.E., Kusanya Café, Teamwork Englewood, Imagine Englewood IF, and the Englewood Chamber of Commerce.