Englewood Kitchen (EK) is a co-sharing workspace.

Our facility was designed for culinary artist that desire to open a full service restaurant within the next two to three years.Our incubator accommodates up to fifteen chefs and bakers through an exposure and enrichment program that focuses on menu creation, marketing, branding and design.

The facility will accommodate a shared kitchen and dining room that permits a rotational menu on a monthly basis. Chefs have the opportunity to develop, test and serve cuisines both foreign and domestic. Once they are prepared to move into a space of their own, our team of investors and specialist will assist them with locating a space and raising capital for their new restaurant.This space provides a formal dining experience for local residents, while offering variety of cuisines served on a rolling basis.

Forty (40) percent of the profits generated from EK are reinvested into creating other culinary incubators across Chicago. Sixty (60) percent of the profits will be directed towards investment in new restaurant ideas developed by the incubator’s members.