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With roots in Markham and a home currently in Auburn-Gresham, Tracy is currently a Senior Rehabilitation Counselor for the State of Illinois. She strongly believes that given the appropriate environment and support, an individual can reach their highest potential, and the results of that individual’s progress will pay dividends to all of us. Tracy joined E.G. Woode because she believes in the individual greatness of each entrepreneur, but more importantly she believes in their collective strength and is eager to contribute to the vision.

Tracy recognizes that starting or scaling a business is a rewarding, fast-paced endeavor that demands a tremendous amount of energy, thought, and skill from the entrepreneur. She is committed to both the success of the entrepreneur and the community residents they serve and hopes, as a member of the venture, to create a synergy between community and the entrepreneur where the needs of both are met and the capacity of each grows.

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  1. Tracy: It was a pleasure meeting you at the Retail Technology & Innovation Conference (we met at the salad bar during lunch). I hope that we have an opportunity to explore potential partnerships and opportunities for my students. Again, it was great meeting you!

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