Jordan Buckner | Englewood Kitchen

Jordan, whose family is from Englewood and Chatham, is an entrepreneur who has founded two companies – ChopBox and TeaSquares. In addition to advising businesses from concept to scale in the food, software, and hardware industries he is opening the Englewood Kitchen. Believing that a business is only successful if it can support the entrepreneur and his or her family and provide a lasting value to the local community, he joined E.G. Woode to create a strong economic foundation in underserved neighborhoods and create a healthy business community. To him, being a part of E.G. Woode means being part of a local business collective, working together for each other’s success.

The Englewood Kitchen is a platform to enable local food entrepreneurs to launch a catering, prepared food, or restaurant business. Jordan hopes that the Englewood Kitchen will create dozens of new businesses each year, and allow people to take their idea from their home kitchen to a professional restaurant or grocery store. In addition to a shared kitchen space, he will also offer business classes and hand on workshops for business owners. His plan is to launch the next generation of food entrepreneurs in Chicago.

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